These are some projects that have been done within Andy Lippman's group at the MIT Media Lab which use VRCodes

Newsflash (2012)

Grace Woo, Andy Lippman

Newsflash shows a large display of screens which can be used in a public environment. Users can point their phone at a screen to get more data from the frontpages in front of them. [description]

Audio Line of Sight (2011)

Grace Woo, Stephanie Yu, Rick Borovoy, Andy Lippman

Audio Line of Sight uses a pair of headphones with a camera on top to allow a viewer to "hear" only the soundtrack associated with the video stream.

Bokode (from Camera Culture group in 2009)

Ankit Mohan, Grace Woo, Shinsaku Hiura, Quinn Smithwick, Ramesh Raskar documents the many ways that this optical trick can be used to convey visual information without appearing obtrusive.